Product Repair/ Spare Parts

Nittoseiko Analytech provide to supply part and repair support through local distributor.
Please contact local distributor from "Distribution Network".


Current models CA-310/GT-310 Series, CA-31/KF-31, VA-300, VA-230, VA-210II, VA-236S, VA-121, VA-122, VG-200, TOX-300, NSX-2100 series, AQF-2100 series, NSX-5000V series

Discontinued models

Karl Fischer Moisture Meter KF-21, CA-200/KF-200, VA-200, VA-210
Potentiometric Titrator GT-200 series
Elemental Analyzer AOX-200, TOC-300V/TOC-310V, GI-240, ASC-240S, GI-210
Sample Combustion prep-station AU-250

Resistivity Meters

Current models Hiresta-UX, Loresta-AX, Loresta-GX, MCP-PD-600

Discontinued models

Resistivity Meters                                                                                         


Terminated Models

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If you have any questions, please contact the local distributors.

Distribution Network

MCCAT Overseas Sales Office


1623-14 Shimotsuruma, Yamato, Kanagawa 242-0001, Japan

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