Product Repair/ Spare Parts

Nittoseiko Analytech provide to supply part and repair support through local distributor.
Please contact local distributor from "Distribution Network".

Products which we provide support and repair

Products CA-310 Series, CA-200 Series, KF-200 Series, CA/KF-21, CA/KF-31, GT-200Series, SEP-PT-706D, PT-200, TOX-100/TOX-2100H, TN-2100V/TN-2100W, TS-300, TOC-300V, AQF-2100H/XS-100, SE-100

Obsoleted products

Karl Fischer Moisture Meter CA-05, KF-05 CA-06, KF-06
CA-100, KF-100, VA-100, VA-124S, VA-200
CA-20, KF-20, CA/KF-21.CA/KF-200
Potentiometric Titrator GT-05, GT-06, GT-07, GT-100
Elemental Analyzer TS-03, TN-05, TN-10, TOX-10, TOX-10 Sigma, TS-100, TS-100V, TN-100, TN-110, TCl-100, TOX-100
Sample Combustion prep-station QF-02, AQF-100, AQF-100F

Resistivity Meters


Hiresta-UP, UX, Loresta-AX, GP, GX

Obsoleted products

Resistivity Meters MCP-TESTER, Loresta FP, Loresta CP, Loresta IP MCP-T250, Loresta AP MCP-T400, Loresta HP MCP-T410, Loresta SP MCP-T500, Loresta MP MCP-T350, Hiresta MCP-HT201, Hiresta MCP-HT210, Hiresta IP MCP-HT210, Hiresta IP MCP-HT260

Terminated Models

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If you have any questions, please contact the local distributors.

Distribution Network

MCCAT Overseas Sales Office


1623-14 Shimotsuruma, Yamato, Kanagawa 242-0001, Japan

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